Salut, tout le monde.

Basically, I’m procrastinating. Thought I’d upgrade myself from tumblring to the big wide world of wordpress, and the original “reblogs of stuff I find amusing on the internet” premise of Gems from the Interwebs didn’t really gel with the recent content appearing on it. So herein I shall document the share-worthy aspects of my life, or what remains after the various activities in which I am involved consume a large chunk of it, focusing mainly on the baking side of it as I strive to prepare to be a perfect housewife. Or not. I quite like the social aspect of tumblring and shall probably continue for that reason to post some things now and then over there, but shall save all my scrumplicious recipes for here, along with a few movie reviews, amusing reblogs, and random musings.


Outraged? Hungry? Thrilled? Want to say hi?

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