Life without Social Media

[No twitter, facebook, or tumblr for 47 days… in my life as an internet addict, this will be tough.]

Day 1: I’m surviving. Pretty tricky, hence why I’ve decided to keep a record of my state of mind. Twitter’s trying to entice me back already… forgot to turn off email notifications about new followers; bad move on my part. Surprisingly easy not to go on the ‘book in lecture today. This may be a productive month and a half. 4pm – first instance of the reactionary “oh, I’m finished reading unread blog posts so I’ll just click on facebook and see what’s new”… good thing I’ve removed the bookmarked facey-b button.

Day 6: I finished a book yesterday in 4 hours that I’d been “reading” (at a rate of 10 pages a month or so) since October – Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde. A brilliant book once you get into it and get your head around his alternate reality; I’m just annoyed that the next one’s not out until 2013! Definitely worth checking out, along with The Big Over Easy, which is a nursery-rhyme-crime based book… bizarre subjects, but great writing. 10.37 – massive urge to share the Jonas Brothers’ cover of Poor Unfortunate Souls which I came across on Spotify.

I felt such an urge to share – After watching this kid’s bar mitzvah video, I certainly do wish I was as fabulous as he.

Week 2: Movies watched: The Time Traveller’s Wife – very good; The Joneses – quite good; How Do You Know – dire, particularly considering the cast is quite good.

Week 3: Movies watched: The Notebook. Adore. Book read: finished Think by John Piper – a few good points and overall a good book, though not sure I got from it much else other than a putting-int0-words something I’d already though. Gig gone to: Patrick Wolf at the Oran Mor – though I’m not that into his music, he was really rather good live, even if my view was mostly blocked by a non-vertically-challenged person in front of me.

Week 4: Movies watched: Ever After. Something about Drew Barrymore irks me. But I’m a sucker for fairytales, so enjoyed. Picked up a couple of Philip Pullman and a Garth Nix book on a whim from the teen section in the library, and passed an enjoyable Saturday reading them. Then spent a lunchtime reading some delightful Roald Dahl short stories (regressing, moi?) – the children’s section of your university library is bound to hold a tonne of surprises! Also reading Vintage Jesus by Mark Driscoll, which is interesting, particularly his wanton use of “hip” language – something along the lines of “Jesus was rolling with his homies” springs to mind. (Sidenote – most amusing guess in a trivia game played last night: question “What was Mary Somebody’s nom de plume?”; guess: “Mark Driscoll”… well, it amused me, anyway!). Watched Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, a vintage Steve Martin / Michael Caine, ‘cos it was on iPlayer; goood.

Week 5: Read The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks… mediocre after the wonder that is the film, and the ending of the film was so much better; not often I say that! Went to see The King Blues at King Tut’s Wah Wah hut – excellent gig, even if I did not appreciate my introduction to the form of movement known as “skanking” – read: people hurling themselves into others as they please, scattering drinks willy nilly as they went. If I end up in prison imminently for sticking it to the man, then you’ll know why. Spent the evenings knitting and watching home movies, then watched the original version of Let the Right One In (I liked it), John Tucker Must Die (one of the top 3 chick flicks imho, the others being She’s the Man and Mean Girls), and then Alice in Wonderland (the original Disney cartoon version).  Finished reading Vintage Jesus, and also read The Gospel According to the World’s Greatest Superhero by  Stephen Skelton (comparing Superman to Jesus; stretched things a bit in places; tbh I just liked for the info about Superman which I don’t think was the point!). Also watched Louis Theroux’s return to the Westboro Cult (urgh.)

Week 6: Starting to miss facebook a bit from the point of view of not knowing where my friends are over Easter or when they’ll be back at uni-campus-land. Have been listening to the Mars Hill (Seattle – though speakers were female deacons rather than “Pastor Mark”) series on Christian Womanhood in a Feminist Culture, which is something I’ve been thinking about quite a bit recently, and it was  really interesting, if not quite what I expected. I’d highly recommend every girl checking it out… and maybe even guys too! Went to Dundee, then from there to St Andrews, where I and a friend were attacked (viciously divebombed) by angry seagulls when we tried to eat our bagels. Cautionary tale: do not eat tuna bagels within 10m of seagulls if you do not wish to have a seagull’s beak in your lunch! Watched about 20million films this week, including: the new Disney version of Alice in Wonderland, Orlando (weirdest film ever involving Tilda Swinton at first being a man then a woman), The Illusionist (the mostly-silent cartoon; a tad weird), Nine (very weird), Ratatouille (class), Interview with a Vampire (good; recommended), and The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (love Dame Maggie Smith and the crisp Edinburgh accents!).

Week 7: nearly there. Dislocated my knee and though it’s popped back into place, it’s still rather sore and I now have the splint and crutches to prove it. Rather thwarted my plans of (1) listening to Bob Fyall preach on Revelation / generally go to church, (2) having a whole week of librarying 9-5, (3) going to Zumba, (4) baking 5 separate batches of brownies in order that I might compare them, and (5) not lying on top of my bed with my leg propped up all day. But heigh-ho, that’s how it goes I suppose! Watched The Tourist (good, good, very good, and nice to see Johnny Depp lose any form of wig and again prove his astonishing versatility and general amazing acting abilities!), Down With Love (gorgeous directing, and a far more interesting story than the plot promised), Amélie (technically so does count as French revision!), and The Social Network (finally!). Amidst the heap of required “revisionary” law reading, I’m also perusing Doing the Right Thing by Rob Frost, which is an interesting Christian look on many current issues. Ended up having the massive brownie-off anyway and concluded that actually I preferred a recipe I already have, though each of the five recipes which I tried were nice in their own different way. Tip: don’t bake approximately 70 brownies, no matter how small, for no particular purpose. Particularly if the plan is to wear a crop top for an imminent 90s party / if you dislocate your knee and aren’t allowed to do any exercise to burn off brownie-calories.

[minirant] It’s astonishing quite how annoying being unable to bend your leg is… and how many stairs there are in and around Glasgow University. Can we just talk for a second about how self-absorbed so many people are? I mean, fair enough I can kinda manage to open a door by myself with one crutch, but people who let doors shut in my face don’t necessarily know that. Ditto people that push past a crutched-up person to get into the lift. I’ve developed a somewhat irrational hatred for people that choose to get the lift for anywhere less than 6 floors. And another issue: disabled peoples’ toilets: why do barely any of them have mirrors? I wouldn’t tend to call myself vain, but it’s nice to have a quick check and primp and preen from time to time, and when washing one’s hands, one has an excellent opportunity for so doing. [/minirant]

Just want to document – first email ever received from my gran, entitled “Love and Best Wishes”; contained a message advising me that in life it is a dangerous thing not to maintain a clean house, berating me for rumours of my flat’s untidiness (organised mess is very different from dirt!), and offering a lift. Then within 2 minutes received my second email from her… a forwarded chain message.

Alors, c’est fait.47 days without logging on to facebook, twitter, or tumblr. I can certainly see the draw in never going back. There have been quite a few mentions of people’s statuses and they’ve never enticed me or made me think “gutted, I’ve really been missing out”. But the thing is, events. I don’t want to be a social recluse, and I like knowing to what my friends are up. Still, going to have a major “friend”-cull, and a time-limit… maybe I won’t even need the latter, qui sait. See you on the other side!

Addendum: Facebook just sent me a “welcome back” email. Everybody: “Ahh, isn’t that sweet?

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