Eyelet hat modelled by the frankly amazing Customised Ikea Piggy Bank of Awesomeness

The Quest

My friends and avid fans, there is something about me which you may have been hitherto (what a word) unaware. I am engaged in a quest.

And not just any quest.

Oh no.

This is a quest for… Granny Points™.

Others among you may strive for “wife points”, but this is a far more serious endeavour.

Thus far, I have tried to fulfil this task by culinary means, but I think the time has come for a more concerted effort to be made, and therefore, I present to you this post of:

Knitting Banter #1

Apparently, blogging about baking all the time is not Jonathan-Campbell-friendly, and I should blog about other things from time to time. So, ever-compliant being that I am, I present a quick post about knitting, which I’m sure will be much more to his taste 😉

Items which I have recently knitted:

A lacy eyelet slouchy hat (I’m not much of a hat gal, but the lacyness was an interesting project, and I suppose it’s a good thing to have at one’s disposal – if you’re interested in the pattern, I added 4 stitches and knitted for 6 inches before starting to decrease, to make up for the fact that I was doing it on 5mm and 7mm needles rather than 5mm and 8mm as specified)

Eyelet hat modelled by the frankly amazing Customised Ikea Piggy Bank of Awesomeness

Fingerless mittens (a bit of a necessity in an old house such as that of my family, which doesn’t take kindly to heating up in summer or in winter)

Pickpocket chic

And the other thing which I have knitted since the end of exams:  a using-up-wool, trying-out-seamless-knitting (ie knitting all the way round on circular needles then switching to two sets as the stitches decrease), and trying-out-continental-knitting (using left hand), admittedly rather odd hillwalking-only ribbed hat (it looks slightly better on me than the panda, but not much)

Yes, I have a giant panda. His name is Raoul.


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