Knitting Banter #3

I’ve not updated my knitting in quite a while ‘cos I’ve been working on a super secret project (and also, preparing to flee leave the country before they catch up with me for my third year of study abroad, in amongst other things. But in amidst that project (more of which later), I’ve had time for a quick couple of projects:


Learning how to crochet courtesy of my gran’s friend. Though the thought of adding another needlecraft to my repertoire was appealing, turns out I couldn’t be bothered crocheting any of the animals which seems to be the main use for crochet these days, granny squares being out of fashion. I then stumbledupon which details how to crochet a makeup removal square, and in the interests of reducing my very environmentally unfriendly cotton wool habit, I thought I’d have a go. It… kinda worked:


Knitted more fingerless mitts to this pattern for someone’s birthday – hope they fit; she’s coming round tonight so we’ll see!

On a side note, I just had a microwaved banana with melted chocolate and squirty cream on top. If anyone has found a better tasting dish than that, I’d love to hear it, because I haven’t!

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