(please ignore the messy room. The panda's called Raoul if you were wondering)

Knitting Banter #4

So the super secret project which I hinted of in my last post is ripe for being revealed – ’twas an Aran (ie cabled) sweater, destined for a birthday present.

Took 5 weeks, which, barring my initial knitting project is the longest ever time I’ve spent on knitting a single thing… it would have taken longer if it hadn’t been the summer holidays… then again, it would have taken a shorter time if the shock of there being some sun in Glasgow hadn’t caused me to be outside and not knitting for a good few days amidst that.

Voici le pull:

(please ignore the messy room. The panda's called Raoul if you were wondering)

I figured Ruth wouldn’t mind me trying it on in case it was horrendous (tbh, she’d have got it anyway after that amount of knitting 😛 ) and for blog-posting purposes.

The pattern was http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/knitted-aran-sweater-1101 and I think it was quite a good introduction to cabled sweaters… not that I’m planning on doing many more of them, unless under a far diminished time restriction! Made a couple of mistakes as I’m not used to cabling, but sorted them out and ended up being quite quick by the end as I got used to the pattern, which I think’s to be expected.

Didn’t want to blog about too many projects one after another,

so didn’t post about this shrug on Saturday: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/ribbed-lace-bolero

(It's not actually that uneven, just a badly taken photo with a camera running out of battery...)

This was quick (did it in 2 days, maybe took 15 hours of actual knitting and sewing up) and I think it looks quite good! The photo’s not the best as my camera was about to run out of battery, and the sleeves aren’t really that uneven. It was also a good way of using up all the aran wool that’s lying about our house due to various cardigans and jumpers.

In other news,

tomorrow is D-day. All packed (ish) and ready to go! Wishes of luck and prayers much appreciated (particularly the latter) – going anywhere new alone is always a bit daunting and is especially so when there’ll be the language barrier, and the staying-in-uni halls (a new experience for me!)

To anyone that knows me: my skype is my email address minus the “@gmail.com”. Add me and schedule a chat! 🙂


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