Ma première semaine (ou un peu près) à Strasbourg


6 thoughts on “Ma première semaine (ou un peu près) à Strasbourg

    1. I wanted to make a journal when I saw the gorgeous books in Voltaire & Rousseau (see a previous post for instructions!) for £1, and I wanted to do something special with it… in fact, it worked well as internet’s been so sporadic that I couldn’t have blogged it all. I’ll have a job sticking all the photos in for real, but for the moment a copy/paste in Paint worked adequately! Just hope it’s legible… xx

  1. Loving it!
    Will email the link to Grandpa, though I’m not sure he’ll cope with your writing.
    My verdict so far : bike gorgeous; breakfast non nutritious;room messy (quel surpris); weather and river views fab;water rats vile; statue bizare! xx

    1. I did sign his email address up so he probably has the link 🙂 I’m trying to keep my room tidy…. it was worse today; the laundry took longer than it said so I didn’t have time to dry it before class… so my light cord and ethernet cable became impromptu washing lines!!

    1. Huh? Not had pizza. Maybe you mean the Alsacian speciality of tarte flambée? And yes, it wasn’t like eating a pizza that size as the base is thin.

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