So, had a busy past few days weeks. 2nd cannes de combat class went fairly well, though I am fairly rubbish as it’s hard to do energetic activity and translate French at the same time. In another class, the teacher of Stretching deduced I was “not from around here” in all of 2.0s by virtue of the fact that I walked into the class with trainers on rather than bare feet.

Theque was much fun, despite my lack of hand-eye coordination and lack of comprehension of the technical rules such as the necessity of leaving your bat on the rug when you commence running around the perimeter, and also despite the weather. Since Sunday, however, it has been really nice and I even got slightly burned on my bike ride (which incidentally was meant to be 27kmish and ended up being about 35km – something close to this on google maps and back due to the many occasions of lostness [thought the cycle paths were very helpful, they tailed off at points and getting on at the first place was a problem])

Today, acting on a tip-off, I went with another Sarah to the flea-market outside the Central station, which was, to put it mildly, pants. To cheer ourselves up, we then went to the bains municipaux, which was the weirdest swimming pool I’ve ever been to, involving locking your belongings in a cabin surrounding the pool, entering one side and exiting the other, and working the (gloriously large and warm) showers with your foot. Interesting…



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