Ce que j’ai fait

TLDR: a lot. European Parliament, paragliding, beach, cathedral, and last but not least Baden-Baden.

The days before summer ended

(the second morning at the MEP’s wasn’t quite so exciting, based as it was on researching Indonesian fisheries policy…)

(it would not have been worth paying 5€ to ascend, but as it was free then it was a nice bit of exercise 😉 )

The days of tights and nudity (aka Baden-Baden)

(I was told off for accepting an invitation to get rowdy in Amsterdam… not sure how getting nude in Baden-Baden’s going to go down – hi gran! – but hey, this was Germany! At least we didn’t go to the casino*)

*(we were under 21, didn’t have our passports, didn’t have smart clothes, didn’t know how to gamble, and didn’t speak much German. Apart from that we fancied it.)


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