De-peasantifying and re-peasantifying

Apparently rather than saying they’re off “fer a bitta culcha”, Polish people say they are de-peasantifying themselves. In the words of a Polish friend: “on dit “odchamiać się” (se depaysaner)” – google translate is refusing to do its job, so I’m taking his word for it. I liked the concept.

So, these pages contain a description of my first foray to l’opéra… and also my first entrance to a doner kebab shop. The latter are all over Strasbourg, and as a warning: I went for a Lamuchen without meat, and “meat” came nonetheless. I think my original resolution never to enter such a shop was probably for the best!

This post does not cover my mouse troubles; I remain traumatised by scuttery noises so shall tell the horrid tale in my next “life” blog, by which time I hope all will have been resolved…


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