Spice up your Ganache

I was in E Leclerc when I spotted Gu puds had 50c off. I was very sorely tempted by the thought of a nice pot of ganache… then realised that rather than paying 3€ with reduction for 3 tiny pots, I could get a carton of double cream for 40c and then use a couple of 40c bars of chocolates to make at least 4 of my own very generous portions!

The basic ganache recipe I use is heating a quantity of cream until it’s almost boiling (I’m told the word the French use for this is “singing”), and then taking it off the heat, adding the same quantity of broken chocolate in grams as cream in millilitres, leaving for a minute then stirring then whisking until it’s all melted. I thought it would be boring to have 4 massive pots of all chocolate ganache, so experimented:

In one, I put a sprinkle of ginger, in another a sprinkle of chilli powder, and in another a capful of raspberry liqueur (I left the fourth one plain). The glass bottom jars (Gu remnants in themselves) were useful because I could see where needed more scrapings. After each had been stirred, into the fridge to cool for a varying number of days.

The verdict?

Chocolate-Ginger: I ate it before it had had time to properly set. But it was still really yummy, with just a hint of a kick to it. Next time, I’ll whisk it more, as there are a few lumpy bits.

Chocolate-Raspberry: As you might expect, this didn’t really set properly. It did have a normally hard top, but inside was more of a thick liquid than a solid. I hadn’t labelled them and ate this after 1 day of refrigeration; maybe if it had been left longer (or been frozen! Mmmmm, shall be experimenting when I have a freezer) it would have been more properly set/ganache-like. Despite having said all this, it was really nice. Neither the alcohol flavour nor the raspberry flavour were too overpowering (you could also probably do this with raspberry juice or coulis; being in France, liqueur was cheaper for me and needed using up 😉 )

Chocolate-Chilli: Ate this on  the 3rd day. Thought it was the plain chocolate one until the last few spoonfuls, when I suddenly got quite a powerful punch of chilli. The aftertaste is delicious…

Moral of the story: you can’t go wrong with cream and chocolate. Though make sure all the chocolate is melted in the premiere instance.

5 thoughts on “Spice up your Ganache

  1. I discovered GU puddings with their cute little jars on my first trip to London a few years ago. They were good, as I recall. They are a little pricey, yet they are easy to make, as you’ve explained in your post.

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