Opera and Nocturnal SKIING

Also: first injury of the year!

And before you ask… no, it wasn’t due to the nocturnal skiing. A man in a car decided it would be a great plan to open his roadside door at the same time as I was passing by his boot. Result: me and my stuff on the road, huge bruise on my arm, bike basket a bit squished, and a car door that wouldn’t properly shut any more. Fortunately I wasn’t injured any more than that and there wasn’t anyone  on the road behind me so all my stuff got safely recovered. As I was enroute to Navs, someone there was lovely enough to offer to come with me the next day to help sort out the French insurance forms the driver needed to fill in. And my bruise is almost gone now.

Other than that excitement (and also the initial excitement upon my arrival in Strasbourg that I had unplugged the fridge before leaving, so everything was mouldy inside… mouldy chorizo, mayonnaise, and compote are not what you want to have to deal with when you arrive at 10pm after a day’s travels), I’ve mostly been studying for and then sitting exams. I know I’ve passed the last one because it was an oral and he told me so (despite the “holes in my knowledge” – well, you try answering a question without having time to think, in a language not your mothertongue*), the other ones are tbc.

Opera was good, and while waiting for my friend to arrive, I finally worked out the reason behind revolving doors (or at least, a reason): so that the heat doesn’t escape and the cold doesn’t come in. It’s not something that’s entirely been bothering me, but it’s certainly something that’s briefly puzzled me from time to time in the past. Because without thinking of that, they really don’t make a lot of sense: they’re awkward, not suitable for disabled people (and people on crutches matter! Wheelchairs too**), and stop being fun after you’re about 7 years old.

*interesting point: mothertongue yet fatherland. Fits with French conception of la langue (ie, feminine) but le pays (masculine). Hmmm.

**reference to my history of being on crutches twice in past 18 months; not intending to offend any wheelchair users, I have nothing but admiration for how you manage in a world of stairs and gaps.

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