“Foreshadowing is a dramatic device in which an important plot point is mentioned early in the story to return later in a sinificant way.”

Hermione Granger, A Very Potter Musical

So yeah, remember how last time I told you about my bike accident and then also the fact that I’d been skiing and loved it? Also you might recall several months ago I had to get an injection at a French doctor’s?

Well, if you take these elements together, you get a skiing accident resulting in a trip to the French doctor’s for an injection (and some very expensive drugs, vive la NHS!)

Myself and Georgina who’d tried skiing for the first time last week were a bit apprehensive about tackling the main slope, but the instructors assured us we’d be fine. Unfortunately that was most definitely not the case, with her ending up in hospital for observation after hitting her head and me ending up unable to sit due to a massive lump on my thigh and and an aching lower back after being stopped by a rock. Thankfully she’s now back home and feeling better, and a radio revealed nothing untoward. And after sleeping on it, and an injection from a doctor (no idea what it was, mind you), my back feels quite a bit better… might have to take a pillow to class for the next few weeks though!


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