The Anti-Bucket List


20 experiences I had before I turned 20

This post is inspired by a blog-post of a new Edinburger who has just arrived in Strasbourg: On Bucket Lists. I thought it was such a good post that I would pinch the idea. “Bucket Lists” or “Things To Do Before I Die” are very in vogue, but how often do we look back and reflect on things we’ve done already? In the words of Megan:

You should try it! Think of all the things in your life that someone out there is bound to find interesting, and write ‘em down. Be proud of what you’ve done thus far before you start making dreamy lists of all the outlandish things you could do.

Hence this reflection, possibly slightly weighted towards my experiences in Strasbourg in the past few months (or the months before I turned 20 in November anyway, I was strict about my title), but also containing a mix of experiences from the past decade*.

  1. Spent 4 days in the wilderness of the Cairngorms with 3 other girls carrying all we needed to survive
  2. Was on TV (briefly in the crowd on The Saturday Show)
  3. Went to a midnight book release (Harry Potter), and to a  midnight film release (ditto)
  4. Bathed and went into the casino at Baden-Baden
  5. Was part of a protest march (against the diminishment of the Modern languages and Nursing dept)
  6. Became reasonably proficient at Canne de Combat and Ballroom Dancing.
  7. Read 43 of the BBC’s 100 books to read before you die, including all the way through the Bible (not why I read it, mind you!)
  8. Interned at the European Parliament
  9. Roadtripped for a couple of days with a couple of friends… and a couple of crutches (experience in itself!), but the former were more important 😉
  10. Pricked a raw paw on a prickly pear
  11. Went up a down escalator (Zara in Inverness – this was on my previous bucket list)
  12. Learned to juggle, and to knit
  13. Snorkelled (at Disney, but it still counts)
  14. Lived abroad on my own, speaking French
  15. Spent time in 4 countries within 24 hours
  16. Built an igloo
  17. Made a wearable dress
  18. Went to La Boheme at the Opera… in a fur coat
  19. Worked at a butcher’s for an entire year (you’ve got to have a low so you can know how good you’ve got it in the future)
  20. Went paragliding

It’s fun to see how different my list is from Megan’s, another 20-year-old linguist from the west of Scotland studying now in Strasbourg – and I bet that your list would be wholly different again. I can’t wait to start my list for the next decade…

What about you, dear blog reader? Was mindst du?

*while I acknowledge that should really be “2 decades”, to be honest, my “10 experiences before I turned 10” would probably include such highlights as learning to walk, talk, read, write, cycle, and brush my teeth. Not exactly things that make me interesting to myself or others!

3 thoughts on “The Anti-Bucket List

  1. My fav blog yet Sarah! Must think about what I’ve done, perhaps while I’m taking all those trains next week instead of when I’m meant to be revising!

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