An ultrasound and a nice weekend

Essentially encapsulates this post.

On Wednesday, my leg became rather sore and swollen, so I went to the campus doctor on Thursday morning, who referred me to her dad, the sports doctor (lucky!). According to him, having been injected with and given to take in pill form anti-inflammatories was the worst thing that could have happened. Thanks French doctor number 1. So he did an ultrasound on my leg and found out that I had a haematoma and needed to have excess blood extracted from my leg.  He also “needed” to show me said blood once it had come out of my leg, not sure why. 3/3 for French doctors and their needles… at least I’m now getting over my injection-phobia. Kinda. Though returning for 4/4 today  so we’ll see how that “getting over” goes in practice!

On Saturday, I had a lovely “aprem créatif” with some girls from church; I explain very badly how they made lovely Fimo beads in the journal entry. Forgot to mention there the delightful aubergine tarte made by our hostess – I must explore the world of tartes when I return to the world of ovens, because they really are delightful thrown together with some pastry, cooked vegetables (onions and aubergine in this case), an egg and some milk or cream. She also added sesame seeds which was an interesting touch.

The sermon referred to in the journal can be found at: if you fancy having a listen, ’twas really good. Mind you, when you commence a service with “How Great Thou Art” and also have “Before The Throne of God Above” (I couldn’t find a link not sung sickeningly sweetly) and the “Revelation Song” then I defy the service to go badly!

(as always, clicking the pictures should embiggen / reveal more if half is cut off as in 2nd picture)

(I wasn’t sure about whether or not I wanted to display a picture of my thigh on the internet… but came to the conclusion that I wanted to show people what I’m making all that fuss about! Bearing in mind that this picture was taken 9 days after the fall…)

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