Updates and Stuff

Not really been up to too much recently… been a sensible girl and followed the Doctor’s no-energetic-activities orders, which fortunately coincided with the most prolonged and coldest cold period I have ever experienced: about -10 to -15 minus some more wind chill minus some extra cold wind chill for being on a bike, for two weeks. It’s picked up now and is positively balmy at about 0oC.

Still, I’ve managed to fit in a couple of things other than just sitting in my room and watching 21 Jump Street, the late-80s police drama with Johnny Depp, which has been the latest gem from the library. In the series and a half I’ve so far watched, we’ve had covered AIDS, racism, maltreatment in psyc wards, drug dealing (very instructively, they showed you how to snort cocaine), drink-driving, gay-bashing, Johnny dealing with his mother moving in with someone that she wasn’t married to… it’s a mix between watching for the kick of seeing 80s styles and attitudes, and actually watching it on its own merits, but it’s very good in any case!

But back to the subject in hand… in the IRL journal I skipped a couple of pages I’d written in French because I’m pretentious like that*, not much happened in them but I did note the wonderful British care pack sent by Gillian. Percy Pigs and a French book about Robbie Burns came just at the right time as I was really starting to feel a bit lonely and cut off from the Scottish world!

*well kinda. But my brain is a confused place to be just now with the language mix… “chais pas” (= je ne sais pas = dunno) is just easier to say!


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