Human Rights, the Irish, the Balkans, and the (Incomplete) Saga of the Bike


I held off posting about my bike problems because I was feeling too emotional, but I feel like I’ve had enough good experiences now of just wandering around town and randomly bumping into people that I am calmer about my temporary loss. To recount:


  • Last week, I got my front tyre replaced. Because I was clueless, the workshop man had pity on me and switched the tyres round so the new one was on the back (apparently a good thing).
  • Last Sunday, idiots deliberately tried to wreck the bikes in front of my halls, resulting in a wheel that was off-kilter. I eventually got it fixed on Wednesday, needing a new wheel but managing to find a place that recycles old parts, so it was only 20€.
  • On Thursday on my way back from Parliament, I think I ran over some glass. The new front tyre was kaput and went completely flat. So back to the first bike shop for another new tyre.
  • Picked up bike on way back from class, then went to Navs. When I came out, I put my key in the lock, and turned… and the key broke in the lock. We tried tweezers and a saw, but to no avail. Now I need to see who has a hacksaw…

To summarise: currently my bike and I aren’t getting on.

Otherwise, life has been not incredibly busy but incredibly tiring. Maybe it’s the change in seasons. The gorgeous sun that we’ve had unfortunately did not extend to today, the day of the Carnival, but lots of people were undeterred by the rain and headed out nonetheless.


4 thoughts on “Human Rights, the Irish, the Balkans, and the (Incomplete) Saga of the Bike

    1. And you were saying what to Abi about unacceptable cross-social media hash tags? 😉 Yes, that is indeed true, it shall be a joy to ride once I manage to liberate it!

      1. Yup for the moment…. have Navs tonight so will see if the co-leader’s husband has returned and located some tools to break it free!

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