Knitting Banter #5

So, the last time I posted about knitting was *quite* a while ago; I ended with:

In other news,

tomorrow is D-day. All packed (ish) and ready to go! Wishes of luck and prayers much appreciated (particularly the latter) – going anywhere new alone is always a bit daunting and is especially so when there’ll be the language barrier, and the staying-in-uni halls (a new experience for me!)

To anyone that knows me: my skype is my email address minus the “”. Add me and schedule a chat! 🙂

(Skype thing totally still stands)

In the interim, I have knitted… rather a lot of things. These have been for the most part presents so I’ve not been able to put them up at the time, but for my own narcissistic purposes (what else is a blog for?) I thought I’d do a retrospective of my work.

Any knitters that happen to be reading, I can link you the patterns if you want as they’re all free from ravelry.

Patterns of mine: Spock Pointy Ears , Fluffy Glittens , Sarah’s simple cable hat

4 thoughts on “Knitting Banter #5

    1. Missing in what sense? Stephen’s lost his, you want a pair, or you didn’t see that they’re the 2nd row, 3rd column? 🙂

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