My camera has Instagram Envy

At least, that’s the only way I can explain it. I’ve a couple of weeks” worth of journal photos; updating the blog was not a justifiable method of procrastination during the revision period. But now, after exams and after a day at Baggersee beach in the 30oC heat (don’t be too jealous, it’s back down now), when I come back to update ze blog I find that my camera has decided to give everything a soft blur, not ideal for taking a picture of text. You’ll just have to ask to see my journal upon my return if you want the full effect 🙂

Apart from revising, I also fit in seeing Hunger Games – good – Avengers – great – revising in the park (lots of) – probably the best place to revise – some ice-creams – delicious – a prayer meeting for Strace Ta Rue, a “camp d’Ă©vangelisation” that’s putting on street shows in Strasbourg the first week of July… and since exams finished, chatting, splashing in the water, and reading some Kazuo Ishiguro on the beach.

Exams were ok, I think. It’s just a really weird learning style here: the teacher dictates, you copy word-for-word, you learn (as best you can, I definitely had to condense a lot as learning by heart 120 pages per subject of notes wasn’t feasible) word-for-word, and  then in the exam you reproduce exactly what the teacher has said to you weeks earlier. It seems like it would have been really straight-forward and easy to do had it been in English – the equivalent of “KU” questions in Standard Grade – but just being in French made it very much more difficult. But hey, OVER NOW.

Ice-creams and revision in Parc de la Citadelle… great mix 🙂
The stork at the park had no qualms about approaching us when revising in Parc de l’Orangerie… mind you, neither did a French guy who, when I was “in his way”, found it perfectly acceptable to approach and step right over my back when I was lying face-down revising. Chalk it up to weird French concepts of personal space, perhaps?
End of revision: we chose Haribos on the basis they were the sweet least likely to melt at Baggersee beach… however this turned out not to be the case. The resultant goo was very tasty at least! I think it was also at this point that my camera decided it wanted to be hip and cool and blurry…

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