Gluten-free, Flourless Fudgy Brownie Bites

Firstly, an apology to all the gluten intolerant among you: for the past two,nay three years, since the beginning of when I learned that “gluten-free” was an aisle, I relegated you in my mind to “faddy posh Waitrose shoppers”. I have since learned the error of my ways and that gluten intolerance is a thing that exists… and must be very annoying, especially in the land of the baguette! One element which incited my distaste for the gluten-free diet would have to be the decidedly unsavoury appearance of the “brownies” and “madeleines” which Waitrose proffered under that heading – in terms of food quality, I can be slightly exigent*, and these looked pretty horrible, not to mention that they had an unnaturally long shelf-life.

In an effort to remedy the situation and because I did not want to offer cookies to everyone bar my gluten-intolerant friend, I had a search online and came up with these:

Admittedly they’re still not the best-looking cookies in the world, but I’m blaming the cupcake maker for that. And good luck trying to keep your hands off these for long enough to give them a shelf life of more than 48 hours maximum!


2 1/4 cups / 255g icing sugar

1 cup / 85g cocoa powder

3 large egg whites

2 tsp gluten-free vanilla

Pinch salt

75g chocolate chips

  1. Mix everything together bar the chocolate chips, then stir in the chocolate chips.
  2. Bake on well-greased sheets for 10 minutes at 180oC
  3. Allow to cool on the baking tray

* When coming to France I was told that my French sounded slightly posh at times… basically when I couldn’t think of a French word and so said a long English word in a French accent it quite often translated to an old-fashioned French word. I have a feeling that the reverse may be happening, a translation for “demanding” being “exigeant”. But hey, you don’t hang around me to receive words of merely one syllabledripping like nectar off my tongue, so I’m sure everyone can cope. 😉

**And no, I’ve no idea why a flour company has a recipe for flourless, gluten-free cookies…

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