sweet potato and brie pancakes

Because the internet hasn’t posted / shared enough pancake recipes today.

These are highly recommended though, on Shrove Tuesday or any day. Make sure you use cold mashed potatoes so the brie doesn’t melt immediately – but mashed potatoes do cool quickly, so if you make them an hour in advance then leave to cool then they should be fine. Then you get the lovely pockets of brie in the middle of the hot pancakes. Serving suggestion: with homemade cranberry sauce. You can use standard mashed potatoes / leftovers if you’ve got them rather than sweet potatoes.

2014-03-04 13.11.44

(per 2 people)

2 sweet potatoes, peeled and mashed in advance – no need to add butter/milk when you’re mashing, as sweet potatoes become so soft when cooked.
1 egg, beaten
75-100g brie, cut into cubes
herbs of choice – I used some dried chives-and-parsley mix
salt and pepper
1-2 tbsp flour

  1. Stir everything but the brie together until well mixed (add flour cautiously until it’s as dry as you want it), then stir in brie more cautiously
  2. Heat a pancake pan with a little olive oil over a hot flame, then turn down slightly and plop scoopfuls of the mix into the pan. Press down slightly. Cook on either side for a few minutes until browned.
  3. Enjoy immediately 🙂

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