kale pesto

I like to think that now we’ve* moved on from kale smoothies, kale has now passed into the mainstream. And after making a kale-pan mix for lunch one week (recipe upcoming), I had some left without knowing what to use it for. So I decided to make this with the leftovers in order to preserve it for a bit longer – it makes enough for a couple of jars, or a larger jar + some frozen in an ice-cube tray. Also, I didn’t have any pine-nuts but sunflower seeds seemed to work just as well.

(*non-personal we; the colour always freaked me out)

2015-01-29 18.48.33

60g sunflower seeds
60g kale
60g grated parmesan substitute
3 cloves garlic
1 tsp lemon or lime juice
2 tsp maple syrup
4 tbsp olive oil
pinch chilli flakes
salt + pepper

  1. Whiz everything in a food processor until it’s all broken down. Add water if it needs to come together (though I abstained at this stage and added water when making things with it).
  2. If not using immediately, pour into a jar and top with a thin layer of olive oil.

Ideas for what to do with it

  • Home-made pizza topped with kale pesto, mozzarella, beetroot and veggie-parmesan (à la this recipe)
  • Pasta salad: mix some pasta water into the kale pasta then stir through pasta, beetroot, and goats cheese

2015-02-06 12.38.18


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