spiced peach syrup

I’ve found a new favourite way to eat tinned peaches (yes, even better than peach pasta. I know, pretty unbelievable that anything could be better than that. But bear with me…).

2015-02-14 19.22.28 2015-02-14 19.21.16


It’s really simple but also delicious: pour a tin of peaches in a saucepan (half them first if you like), sprinkle some ground cloves and dark muscovado sugar on top to taste, stir, and stir in 4-5 frozen raspberries if you have them lying around. Leave it on the heat to reduce away and the syrup to thicken. Top with ice-cream. Et voilà. Serves 2.

Of course you can also make this with actual peaches, but they’re not in season at the moment.

Re. the importance of cloves – The Flavour Thesaurus is one of my favourite cookbooks ever and is so useful for knowing what will go well with what! So when I was curious as to what spice to spice my peaches with, this informed me that cloves and peaches go well together, and indeed they do.



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