apple and berry crumble

Now, hear me out. I know tinned apples are not the most ideal thing in the world, but do you really have the time and money to buy, peel, core and slice 13kg of apples? Just use the supermarket’s version which has the apples in slices, rather than any “apple pie filling”. Using frozen berries makes it fun – but some people might not want changes to their pie, so consider making one tray just of apple. Serves 150 – but again, anticipate people wanting seconds of pudding.

3.3kg plain flour
1.5kg margarine
1.5kg caster sugar + 0.75kg
13kg of apples (24 tins + 3kg)
2kg (approx) frozen berries

  1. preheat oven to 180oC / GM4
  2. combine flour, 1.5kg sugar, chopped butter – rub together with any leftover porridge oats
  3. combine apple slices and berries. Stir/mix 0.75kg sugar into the apple slices and berries and put in baking tray/tin.
  4. Sprinkle crumble topping over the fruit mixture and cook for 45-75 minutes (use your common sense!).

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