Italian Hot Chocolate

This balances the exigences of cost with the interest everyone has in hot chocolate actually tasting nice. The cocoa gives a chocolate hit, and the cornflour thickens it up nicely.

(for 100 people)

18 pints / 10 litres of milk
12 pints / 7 litres of water (or more milk if you’re not cost-saving)
160g cocoa powder
80g cornflour
40g caster sugar
1.2kg supermarket-quality instant hot chocolate powder

  1. Heat the liquids in a large pan, reserving 200ml milk
  2. Whisk cocoa, cornflour (this acts as a thickening agent), and sugar, with the remaining milk to make a paste. Add it to the pan while the milk-water mix is still warming up. Whisk to mix.
  3. When hot, whisk in the hot chocolate powder
  4. Serve with squirty cream (3 cans) and marshmallows (2 bags)

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